Things I Need For A DIY Window Tint Kit


I have been thinking that I'd like to tint the windows of my back room in order to block out some of the harsh rays of the sun - as well as possible prying eyes. I do not think the job really requires a professional touch, I am pretty sure that I can handle every one of the tint application myself if I purchase the materials. However, only do buy a do-it-yourself window tint kit, there are many things that I am going to nee to make certain are included with the acquisition in order to make the project successful. - 3m window tinting austin

First, I know that I will need step-by-step instructions included, preferably in video format. If it is not possible to include an instructional DVD, may having tutorial videos hosted for the company website would have been a good substitute. Next, I am going to need to have all necessary tools included, unless they are as common as a screwdriver.

Lastly, no kit would be complete without the customer service support provided inside a company helpline - preferably one that's manned seven days every week. With the proper support, I know my project might be successful! - 3m window tinting austin

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